Surg Up Forms

Surg Up Forms® are electronic study forms created by our company for professional societies or research groups who are willing to conduct studies in collaboration with surgeons. These forms are distributed to surgeons who want to participate in these studies and are integrated for completion in the Surg Up Studies® software.

The Surg Up Forms® allow surgeons to easily and participate in third-party studies, while enjoying the benefits of the  Surg Up Studies® software : fast and intuitive data entry interface, local database creation, and real-time statistical analyses.  Moreover, they centralize all their works on a single study platform, thus enriching their own clinical database.


The Surg Up Forms are compatible with all versions of the Surg Up Studies software. If a surgeon who is not already using the software wants to participate in a study, he/she will benefit from a free limited access to the software.

Surgeon’s approval is required to launch its participation in the study. The form is then imported and completed in the software. When desired, the surgeon validates a fully anonymized data transmission to the study organizer. Surgeons can participate in several studies at the same time (one Surg Up Forms® for each study). By the end of the study, the access to data will be maintained (free limited access to the software).

Creation of a made to measure form.

We create an unique form in adequacy with your recommendations and your needs. Then, we prepare it so that it can be integrated directly within Surg Up Studies® software.

Participation in the study.

Surgeons are invited to participate in the study directly by email. Those who have not used the software yet can download a free version of Surg Up Studies®. This version can be used during all the study period.

Integration of forms within the software.

Surgeons who participate in the study import the form in Surg Up Studies® software. This enables them to benefit from software advantages (fast and intuitive data entry interface, local database creation, and real-time statistical analysis).

Automatic transfer of anonymized data.

After filling in the form, the surgeon validates a fully anonymized data transmission to the study organizer. The study organizer gathers and analyses in real time anonymized data of all surgeons who have participated in the study.

Data protection and maximal security.

Surg Up Forms® are securised before being sent to surgeons (encryption, data locked). All data transfered while using Surg Up Forms® are fully anonymized (Patients, Practitioners and Hospital identities).

The data is stored in the practitioner’s computer or their Health Information System.